Recent Decisions

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Some of our recent decisions

July 10, 2013Canada: Labour Bill Blocked by Canada's Senate: Unions Relieved

March 01, 2013CaleyWray successfully argued that Employer's application of a deemed termination clause contravened the Emergency Leave provisions of the Employment Standards Act.

January 10, 2013Labour Arbitrator Sims awards damages for an employer's invasion of privacy.

July 20, 2012CaleyWray successfully argues that sending bargaining unit members home during the Canada Labour Code 72-hour notice period before a legal lockout constitutes an unlawful lockout, even if those employees are paid during that period.

June 06, 2012Durrant et al. v. SEIU Local 1 and Valleyview Residence-Applications filed by 8 employees to be exempt from paying union dues on religious grounds. Employer resisted production request on grounds that documents covered by solicitor/client privilege

April 25, 2012Sanford Pensler v. Ted Adams et al. - Divisional Court Decision - CaleyWray successful in judicial review of OLRB decision holding Director of bankrupt company liable for the payment of vacation pay owing to former employees.

November 25, 2011CaleyWray successful in obtaining a section 11 remedial certification for the Carpenters and having the OLRB dismiss allegations of employer support.

September 13, 2011Interest arbitrator awards 2% for one year effective September 15, 2011 in SEIU Local 1 Canada for Central Nursing Homes.

August 30, 2011CaleyWray successful in having the Board find that the Carpenters' District Council of Ontario had just cause to restructure its organization in Ontario and include all Locals in the restructured organization.

August 11, 2011CaleyWray successfully appeals inspector's Order under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act prohibiting Carpenters from affixing bed locators to the walls at London's Victoria Hospital

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