Recent Decisions

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Some of our recent decisions

October 29, 2014Arbitrator William Kaplan has issued an Interest Arbitration Award granting the Union's proposal for a defined contribution rate for new hires which tops out at 10.5%.

October 24, 2014Company wrongly refused to pay severance to an employee who was unable to return to work due to severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

October 24, 2014Company failed to accommodate a pregnant employee when it did not attempt to bundle tasks or look beyond the bargaining unit for work she could perform.

September 30, 2014Ken was successful in achieving a declaration that CP Rail had no cause for requiring an employee to submit to a post accident/incident substance screening test.

September 19, 2014Michael and Simone were successful in getting the OLRB to dismiss the Operating Engineers’ jurisdictional dispute on the basis of delay.

September 19, 2014Ken, Jesse, and Simone were successful in achieving the reinstatement of two employees terminated during a Boilermakers’ organizing drive at the Shell Refinery near Sarnia.

September 18, 2014Occupational Health and Safety Tribunal Canada dismisses Bell's appeal of an Inspector's Order finding that Bell was in contravention of Confined Space Regulations of the Canada Labour Code.

August 07, 2014CIRB found that CP's actions in denying leaves for union officers to conduct union business constitued interference with the Union's representation of its members.

July 14, 2014Reinstatement of a CP Locomotive Engineer after he tested positive for cocaine following a derailment. Employee suffered from a disability which required accommotion.

July 11, 2014Employer was found to be, at least in part, motivated by anti-union animus in terminating a pilot after a "near miss" which resulted in no damage to property or injury. Pilot was reinstated with full compensation.

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